Covid-19 update (Source: MOH & CNA):

People should limit themselves to one social gathering a day; workplace interactions to cease from Sep 8: MOH
SINGAPORE: All individuals should limit themselves to one social gathering a day, while social gatherings and interactions at workplaces will not be allowed from Sep 8, said the Ministry of Health (MOH) on Monday (Sep 6).
This comes after a recent rise in the number of COVID-19 community cases in Singapore.“We should continue to limit our social circle to a small group of regular contacts and limit ourselves to one social gathering a day, whether to another household or in a public place.”
It added that recent clusters in workplace settings have taken place because of “lax” safe management measures, especially in areas like staff canteens and pantries “where people tend to let their guard down and interact amongst themselves without their masks on”.
“Hence, we will no longer allow social gatherings and interactions at workplaces from Sep 8,” said MOH.
The ministry said that it would take "tougher action" if there are positive cases among infected workers. “In particular, employers will be required to put in place a maximum work-from-home requirement over a 14-day period, should one or more of their workers be found to have contract COVID-19 and have returned to their workplace," said MOH.
That means everyone in the company who can work from home will be required to do so. Those who are working from home should minimise social gatherings and leave their homes only for "essential activities" during this 14-day period, added MOH.
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